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Answers to the most common questions

When are dietary supplements useful?

A healthy and balanced diet is the most important thing to increase and maintain your quality of life. Lots of vegetables, fruit, whole grain products, water and unsweetened drinks as a basis and varied meals should be on the agenda. (--> More about this in our blog article here) However, there are situations in which it makes sense to take dietary supplements. Before you start this, however, you should consult your doctor or other medical specialist (e.g. dietician).

What makes your product different from other dietary supplements?

Our products such as Good Morning Sunshine and Sweet Dreams have been developed based on thelatest scientific findings. The ingredients areoptimally matchedand thereforemaximally bioavailable(can therefore be absorbed very well by the body). We have developed them as the perfect addition to a balanced diet to ensure that you are even better supplied with the relevant nutrients.

Can I take the products on an empty stomach?

Our dietary supplements are designed in such a way that you can also take them on an empty stomach and, for example, intermittent fasting is not interrupted.

You can find the exact consumption recommendation on the packaging. In general, we recommend taking it as part of a balanced diet.

Can I take your products during pregnancy?

Before taking our dietary supplements, you should check with your doctor whether they are suitable for you.

Are your products vegan and gluten free?

Yes, both Good Morning Sunshine and Sweet Dreams are vegan (vegetable capsule shell or vegetable oils) and naturally contain no gluten. However, traces of gluten cannot be excluded 100%.

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